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Monahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District
606 South Betty
Monahans, Texas 79756
Phone: 432-943-6711
Fax: 432-943-2307
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Carla , Carla
2nd Grade Teacher
celliott@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Celia Acosta Acosta, Celia
Cafeteria Worker
cbacosta@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School
Max Acosta Acosta, Max
macosta@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District
Rhonda Adams Adams, Rhonda
radams@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District
Sheilah Adams Adams, Sheilah
Instructional Aide - Special Education
shadams@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Isela Agundis Agundis, Isela
6th Grade Teacher
iagundis@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Betty Allen
Allen, Betty
ballen@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Felicitas Alvarez Alvarez, Felicitas
Cafeteria Worker
falvarez@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School
Terrill Amburn Amburn, Terrill
Social Studies Teacher - Coach
tamburn@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Melissa Anderson Anderson, Melissa
1st Grade Teacher
manderson@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Jessica Armendariz Armendariz, Jessica
Instructional Aide
jarmendariz@mwpisd.esc18.netGeorge Cullender Kindergarten View Website
Olga Armendariz Armendariz, Olga
Bilingual Paraprofessional
oarmendariz@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Patricia Armendariz Armendariz, Patricia
Cafeteria Worker
parmendariz@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School
Sophia Armendariz Armendariz, Sophia
sarmendariz@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Kim Ashbrook Ashbrook, Kim
kashbroo@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Jordan Ashmore
Ashmore, Jordan
Physical Education Teacher
jashmore@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Kali Ashmore Ashmore, Kali
Social Studies Teacher - Coach
kashmore@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Corey Aven
Aven, Corey
Teacher - PE/Coach
caven@mwpisd.esc18.netGeorge Cullender Kindergarten View Website
Jamie Bailey
Bailey, Jamie
Office Aide
jbailey@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Candace Barnett Barnett, Candace
cbarnett@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Lacey Baughn Baughn, Lacey
Math Lab Paraprofessional
lbaughn@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Jamie Beckham Beckham, Jamie
English Teacher
jbeckham@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans Education Center View Website
Bonnie Benad Benad, Bonnie
bbenad@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Bonnie Benad Benad, Bonnie
bbenad@mwpisd.esc18.netGeorge Cullender Kindergarten View Website
Mayna Benavides Benavides, Mayna
mbenavides@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Melissa Bergmann Bergmann, Melissa
Special Education Teacher
mbergmann@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Frank Bernard Bernard, Frank
fbernard@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Austin Billett Billett, Austin
Choir Director
abillett@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Austin Billett Billett, Austin
Choir Director
abillett@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Carianne Billett Billett, Carianne
cbillett@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Brenda Bingham Bingham, Brenda
Kindergarten Teacher
bbingham@mwpisd.esc18.netGeorge Cullender Kindergarten View Website
Lisa Birdwell Birdwell, Lisa
Insurance Clerk
lbirdwel@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District View Website
Jennifer Black Black, Jennifer
3rd Grade Teacher
jblack@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Kandace Bolin Bolin, Kandace
Math Teacher
kbolin@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Heather Boone Boone, Heather
Reading Interventionist
hboone@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Samantha Bouquin Bouquin, Samantha
Math Teacher
sbouquin@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Laura Brandenburg Brandenburg, Laura
Math Teacher
lbrandenburg@mwpisd.esc18.netWalker Junior High School View Website
Tiffany Brandenburg Brandenburg, Tiffany
2nd Grade Teacher
tbrandenburg@mwpisd.esc18.netTatom Elementary School View Website
Chad Branham Branham, Chad
English Teacher - Coach
cbranham@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Heidi Branham Branham, Heidi
Speech-Language Pathologist
hbranham@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District
Mary Bravo
Bravo, Mary
6th Grade Teacher
mbravo@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Donna Brittain Brittain, Donna
Math Teacher
dbrittain@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Thomas Brockman Brockman, Thomas
Health Teacher/Coach
tbrockman@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Whitney Brockman Brockman, Whitney
Technology Teacher
wbrockman@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Carla Brown Brown, Carla
Music Teacher
cdbrown@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Stephanie Brown Brown, Stephanie
Bus Driver
stbrown@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District
Jeff Burdic Burdic, Jeff
Auto Tech Teacher
Monahans High School
Jeff Burdic Burdic, Jeff
Auto Tech Teacher
jburdic@mwpisd.esc18.netMonahans High School View Website
Delma Bustos
Bustos, Delma
Instructional Aide
dbustos@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
Irene Bustos
Bustos, Irene
Instructional Aide - Special Education
ibustos@mwpisd.esc18.netSudderth Elementary School View Website
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