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Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment

Parent Guide to New Student Enrollment:

Follow these steps to enroll a new student in the district:

     If you already have students enrolled in the district you can log on to your existing account and add a new student to your existing account. This will allow you to copy your information. If you do not have an Ascender Parent Portal account please follow these steps.


Before enrolling a student, create a user account in ASCENDER ParentPortal in order to obtain a username and password to access the system. When you access ParentPortal, the Login page is displayed.

Click Create Account

parent portal create account

The Create Account - User Information page opens

parent portal user information

Username: Create a username to identify you in ASCENDER ParentPortal with a combination of letters from your first and last name.
Requirements: •    6-25 alphanumeric characters •    Unique (no one else in the district is using it) •    not case-sensitive

Password: Type a password that you will use when you log on to ASCENDER ParentPortal. A show/hide toggle allows you to view or mask the characters you are typing. Requirements: •    8-46 alphanumeric characters •    Three of the following: uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters •    Case-sensitive

Password Verification: Re-enter your password to verify that you typed it as intended.

Click Next 

You will have a Security Question.  Select a question. If you need to reset your password, you will be asked this question. Type the answer to the question. You will need to answer this question correctly to recover your password. Be sure to select a question for which you will remember the answer easily.IMPORTANT: The answer is case-sensitive (always write it exactly as it appears here, including upper and lower case letters).

Click Next

parent portal complete
Click Finish

The My Account page opens where you can add a student to your account and update your security and contact information. If you entered an email address or mobile number, you will receive a notification message containing a verification link.

NOTE: If you are not listed as a contact or as a guardian (i.e., student, step-parent, etc.), you will be a read-only user with limited access. You will not have an enrollment button and you will not be able to enroll your child( Children) You will need to contact your campus for help.

Kindergarten- 432-943-5252 ask for Amy Young or email her at

Tatom – 432-943-2769 ask for Sue Morgan or email her at

Parkway: 432-943-5101 for Parkway ask for Aime Carrasco or email her at

WJH 432-943-4622 ask for Monica Cano or email her at

MHS 432-943-2519 ask for Diana Abila or email her at