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School Board

Monahans-Wickett-Pyote ISD Board of Trustees

The Board shall provide for a school system and establish general and/or specific policies in keeping with the wishes of the District and the requirements of the law. In addition to the powers and duties required by law, the responsibilities of the Board shall be to:

  1. Select, advise, and support the Superintendent in the discharge of his duties.
  2. Elect school personnel upon the nomination and recommendation of the Superintendent.
  3. Require that the business affairs of the District be handled in an efficient way and that the report of the audit be made a matter of record and available to the public.
  4. Consider and act on policies for the school program. Such policies may be initiated by members of the Board, by the Superintendent, other school personnel, or by the general public.
  5. Require and evaluate the reports of the Superintendent concerning the progress of the school program and the financial status of the District.
  6. Advise the Superintendent on recommendations for the schools and approve, revise, or reject such recommendations.
  7. Assist in presenting to the public the needs and progress of the educational system.